Welcome to the Baby Boomers Guide to Life in the 21st Century!

Produced by Jeffrey Furolo and hosted by Lex Marinos and Patricia ‘Little Pattie’ Amphlett, the Baby Boomers Guide is a radio series that can be heard on community radio station, Radio Skid Row.

The team has completed two seasons of radio programs, and most recently, a 34 session season of topics aimed at listeners over 55 years. Topics covered include: Health Services & Ageing in Australia; Sexuality, Relationships & Ageing; and The Brain & Ageing.

Based on my legal experience, I chatted with Patricia in the Two Cents Worth segment on three important topics:

Wills and inheritances: https://babyboomersguide.com.au/episode/s2-e1-ageism-discrimination-stigma/
Divorce & separation in later life: https://babyboomersguide.com.au/episode/s2-e5-intergenerationality-ageing/
Powers of an attorney: https://babyboomersguide.com.au/episode/technology-ageing-in-australia/

The series began with an interview with Australia’s first Age Discrimination Commissioner, the late Susan Ryan. Other notable speakers include former NSW Legislative Council MP Meredith Burgmann; and Deputy Commissioner of the ACCC, Delia Rickard.

Podcasts of the programs are available on the Baby Boomers Guide to the 21st Century website at https://babyboomersguide.com.au/episode/technology-ageing-in-australia/.

Season 2 is proudly supported by Older Women’s Network NSW and Ecstra Foundation.