In this series of podcasts, author Alice Mantel chats with retirement life coach, Estelle Kelly about making the transition to retirement. Each podcast focuses on specific aspects, particularly on how you can “futureproof” yourself to be better protected from unexpected events. Click the images to listen.

Facing retirement without fear

For many people, leaving work means losing an integral part of their identity and becoming invisible. For others, leaving paid employment after a lifetime’s effort is a great relief and they look forward to endless holidays, no matter how unrealistic that may be.

Becoming retirement ready

Begin by getting ready to leave your paid working life and being purposeful about the things you really want to do in the future. Continue to do the things you already do and remember the things you have always wanted to do.

Ten steps towards a more fulfilling retirement

Here are some suggestions:

  • Set the date for leaving work.
  • Reduce your debts.
  • Make additional super contributions.
  • Reward yourself for your life’s work well done.
Futureproofing your housing

Housing is the unrecognised pillar of our social security system for retirees. Being able to live in affordable housing is the safety net that enables older people to have a dignified later life.

Part 1
Part 2

Futureproofing your finances

Reducing debt is the most important action you can take, whether that is by paying out a mortgage, reducing your spending or paying out your credit cards.

Futureproofing your legal stuff

Futureproofing yourself is another way to plan for the many unexpected events that may occur. Having a current Will reduces family conflict, while a Power of Attorney ensures that a trusted family member can make important decisions if you are unable.