I am passionately committed to making the most of my “Third Age” – that time when I am freed from working responsibilities and able to do the things I really want to do. My first project has been to write a book that is intended to be really useful for women approaching retirement or women who are already retired and wanting to know more.

Often women have spent their adult life caring for others, making many of the big decisions for themselves or their families and still actually understanding little about the legal and financial structures that surround them. While you may think that all those difficult decisions are now behind you, in fact when you get to the post-work world, things can become even more complicated.

You are probably first likely to encounter this new world if you are caring for an older parent. My parent needs help with showering and dressing – what help can I get at home? Now my parent needs more care than I can manage – what do I do next? How do I find a suitable residential facility?

I have personally experienced these types of issues and talked to many people about their experiences. I did more research, not only about such issues as supported accommodation but also about helping women manage many of the other issues – personal, legal and financial – that can arise. That’s how I came to write Every Woman’s Guide To Retirement.

As I faced retirement, I wanted to consider my options. How was I going to spend my time? Could I continue to work? Where should I live? Could I be a volunteer? I wanted practical suggestions and I wanted to find that information in one place for easy reference. So I developed my easy-to-read Guide that comprehensively discusses the topics that I wanted to know about.

My approach is optimistic but not unrealistic. Approximately one third of your life is yet to come.