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Every Woman’s Guide to Retirement, by Alice Mantel – e-book, ISBN 9781925949278

  • E-book in PDF format, password protected. We use your email address as the password. Note the link below to preview the first few pages of the book (just below the smaller image of the book). Experienced lawyer Alice Mantel writes as a friendly, wise adviser to clearly explain the complex situations that many women encounter during retirement. She examines issues such as continuing to work, the aged care system, alternative housing choices, organising your legal affairs and successfully managing your finances. Women experience retirement differently to men. Women generally live longer, have less money and volunteer more than their male counterparts. During the last third of her life, a woman takes on many roles – caring for parents, children, grandchildren and partner – that often leave little time for herself. But retirement can also be a time for women to shine. Every Woman’s Guide to Retirement offers personal and comprehensive guidance using researched information and case studies to encourage women to make the most of their retirement opportunities. This book encourages an active, connected lifestyle, staying healthy, lifelong learning, de-cluttering, and even online dating to make the most of this time. For the retiree in your life – whether yourself or someone you know – Every Woman’s Guide to Retirement shows you how to prepare for, and enjoy, a rewarding “Third Age” on your own terms. ISBN: 9781925949278
  • Busybird Publishing
  • 01/03/2024
  • 275 pages